There’s no question that the residency application process can seem daunting. It is a very complex set of procedures that involves a lengthy search of potential programs, obtaining all of your test scores and transcripts, securing quality letters of recommendation, and compiling all of your work and volunteer experience. This is on top of the day-to-day responsibilities every student has in their final year of medical school.

Although the process can induce anxiety, American University of Antigua students do enjoy acceptance into some of the most prestigious programs in the United States. The important thing is to have a set plan in place, a good support system, and an understanding of what you’re looking for in a residency program and what one might think when one looks at your application. Here are several tips that may assist you in your search of finding the best matching residency program:

Be Honest with Yourself: There are more than 9000 different residency programs in the United States. You won’t be a good fit for every single residency. For example, one residency may have specific credentials that may not match your profile. Others are super-competitive or require defined work experience. When researching residency programs, take the time to assess your strengths and weaknesses so you can realistically conduct your search.

Look at the Numbers: Did you know that the average medical student will apply to more than 36 residency programs. Of those programs, internal medicine is the most popular while radiology is the least. In total, an applicant can expect to have twelve interviews, but nearly 95% will be matched closely to their specialty. Although residency programs are highly competitive, most students will end up satisfied.

Welcome Advice from Everyone: Many students who begin the residency application process end up in a much different program than they thought they would. Be open-minded in the beginning and consider programs of a wide variety. Consult with family, friends, alumni, professors, mentors, colleagues, and other trusted individuals in your circle to help you determine what kind of program will ultimately make you happy.

A residency program is a very important part of a doctor’s journey. Take it seriously, but remember that there are people who support you, and a well thought out plan will go a long way in helping you find a match. American University of Antigua alumni have been placed in some of the most respected programs in teaching hospitals in the United States, and our Department of Graduate and Alumni Affairs can help you find success in the residency match process.

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